Research and consulting project in the field of design

Major research and consulting projects:


1. The " Environmental relief" was presented at the exhibition " RosBioTech -2013 " ( "Expocentre" , Moscow) and was awarded a small gold medal


2. Presented a collection for the Russian National Olympic Team of ice figure skaters.(World Championship  in Figure Skating on  Ice,11March 2005.,Diploma from Russian Federation of Figure Skating on Ice)


3. Created an image and style for the Champion of Russia, International Grand Master, chess reporter at the ‘Sport’ TV channel Elmira Mirzoeva(Moscow2004)


4.  Presented a collection of 12 models for the Russian National Olympic Chess Team.(Olympic Games in Spain 15 April 2004.,Diploma from the Chess Federation of Russia.


5. Presented a collection of soft furniture elements for children with locomotor system disorder (Art-Furniture 2004.Diploma from the Union of Designers of Moscow)


6.  Presented a suit from the product line “Three-dimensional Image”(Anniversary exhibition “Multidimensional Objects” by R.Khachatryan, Russian Academy of Arts,2001-2002)


7. Archetypes of Images by R.Khachatryan in Fashion Design.//Ministry of Science and Education of the Russian Federation. Russian Research Institute of Technical Esthetics.Brochure.(Moscow,2006)


8. Multidimensionality as a New Method of Fashion Design and Modelling. Sixth Moscow Salon of Innovations and Investments “Technological Breakthrough of Russia: Strategic Partnership of State and Business.(Moscow, All-Russian Exhibition Center,7-10 February 2006)


9. Philosophy and Art of Multidimensional Objects by R.Khachatryan.//Bulletin of Orenburg State University. Special Appendix: Architecture and Design. Theory and Practice, 2005 .#6.


10. “Creative Industry of Great Britain and its Significance for the World Fashion”-Yekaterinburg, 2004.


11. Fashion and Design. Historic Experience and New Technologies//Materials of the Scientific Conference “The Influence of the British Design on the Tendencies of Modern Fashion”- St. Petersburg, 2004


12. Peculiarities of Modern Fashion and their Reflection in Collections of International Firms// Moscow State University of Design and Technology.

Continuing Professional Education in the Sphere of Technology and Design of Light Industry Products. Collection of Lecture Theses at the Third International Scientific-Methodological Conference. ‘Engineer’ Research Center. Moscow State University of Design and Technology, 2001.


13. Dandy Style. Its Topicality Yesterday and Today//Theses of Lectures at the International Scientific-Technical Conference “Current Problems of Science, Technology and Economy in Light Industry”- Moscow State University of Design and Technology,2000.